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WheelChair Lift Specifications

Downloading Specifications. To download these specifications, right-click the link and click "Save Target As" or "Save As". You will then be prompted to select a directory on your computer where they will be saved.

Viewing Specs On-Line. To view the specs, simply click on the link. If you have a compatible browser and word processor, the specifications will be displayed in your browser.

Specification Format. All of our specifications are in Microsoft Word format. If you require another format, please contact us at info@freedomlifts.us and we will gladly supply them to you.

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

Opal specifications.
The low-cost open platform lift, with a lifting height up to 60"

Genesis Enclosure specifications.
Self-contained vertical lift, with a lifting height up to 168"

Genesis Shaftway specifications.
Vertical lift that goes into a shaftway, a lifting height up to 168"

Inclined Wheelchair Lifts

Xpress II specifications.
For stairs with no mid-landings, bends, or curves.

GSL-Artira specifications.
Versatile design for a wide range of stair configurations.

Portable Wheelchair Lifts

Super-Trac specifications.
Portable platform lift can lift all types of wheelchairs.

Stair-Trac specifications.
Lower cost lift that can lift a variety of wheelchairs.

Emergency Evacuation Chairs

Evacu-Trac specifications.
The absolute safest way to evacuate people from a building.

Coming Soon....

Coming soon, Freedom Lifts will provide an interactive specification builder. You will be able to build specs for your specific project, including all of the relevant information, for a complete and hassle-free project.